Cell Biology

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 Cell Death databases and resources External Links

  • APOPTOSIS-DB: A bioinformatics resource for apoptosis researchers
  • CASBAH: The CAspase Substrate dataBAse Homepage
  • CASBASE: The Database for Caspases & Substrates
  • P53-WEB-SITE: This site is a reference for all researchers working on p53 or in cancer research in general.
  • CELL-DEATH.DE: CellDeath.de presents the Apoptopedia, which is an encyclopedia that contains apoptosis, signal transduction and cancer related terms.
  • BCL2-FAMILY-DATABASE: This database is a collection of sequence, structural and functional information about one of the most studied protein family in cell biology. It will enable researchers to readily retrieve Bcl-2 family sequences, their related information and obtain data of relevance to them.
  • P53 KNOWLEDGEBASE: p53 Knowledge database