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Human Health and Diseases

The Department has an active research program in cholera. WHO predicts that cholera will continue to be with us in 21st century also and though a live-oral vaccine has been developed in India it is still in the clinical trial stage. Antibiotics are used as secondary therapy in cholera but the emergence of drug resistant strains of Vibrio spp. remains a major problem and the Department is actively pursuing the causes for same.  Read More Read More


Cell Biology

Programmed cell death is conserved phenomenon from lower eukaryotes to human. Basic well orchestrated program of cell death, also known as apoptosis, plays important role from development to adult organisms to maintain normal cellular homeostasis. This is especially critical in mammals that integrate multiple physiological as well as pathological death signals. The process of apoptosis is initiated in response to infectious agents, different type of stresses ranging from envorimental to cellular stress. Any gain- and loss-of-function of the core apoptotic pathway can be a primary pathogenic event that results in disease. Read More Read More  


Plant Cell And Molecular Biology

The group is involved in several projects in the area of biofuel and medicinal plants viz. Jatropha curcas and Commiphora wightii. The research is being carried out to study  the morphogentic response and the physiology   of the plant at molecular level Read More Read<br />


Bioinformatics & Structural Biology

The Department conducts research in the field of genome analysis, computational biology, structural biology and related areas and has state of the art infrastructure and expertise in the area. Read More Read More