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School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology


Indian Institute of Advanced Research will carry out research in the frontier areas of science to contribute towards the advancement of human knowledge and alleviation of human suffering.



To conduct fundamental / applied / analytical research in the frontier areas of science with the ultimate objective of contributing to high quality basic research and human resource development, and to find application of the research results for the benefit of mankind.


To accomplish the mission the institute would pursue the following objectives:-

  • To establish Schools of Excellence and state of the art laboratories in high priority areas of science, in a phased manner.


  • To promote scientific innovations in general and also in relation to manufacturing, commerce and industry in particular.


  • To network with universities, institutions, research organizations, laboratories, industrial or commercial organizations in India or abroad for advancing scientific research.


  • To establish and develop linkages with researchers, academicians and industrial scientists in different parts of the world, in areas specific to the institute's interest.


  • To develop, license, sub-license, inventions, patents, scientific and technical know-hows, formulas, processes, information, skills, models and designs arising out of the scientific research carried out in the institute and to plough back any financial compensations arising out of this for the development of the institute.


  • To promote human resource development through teaching, by conducting training programmes, organizing seminars and interactive meetings, granting scholarships for specific research and conducting examinations leading to the award of degree, once the institute is recognized as a Deemed University / University under Act of the state or affiliated to other Universities.


  • To act as consultants / advisors, to individuals, institutions, laboratories, (research / industrial / commercial / charitable), and other organizations and also to government bodies, for furtherance of the objectives of the Institute.


  • To become financially self-sustaining by generating revenues through project grants, patenting of innovations, technology transfer and consultancy for the institute and also by seeking grants from central and state governments, international bodies, and NRIs.